Do good to your children, your family and you

I am a magnetizer and not a doctor. I don't cure you. I work on making you feel better and fit.

Not only do we have a physical body but also an energy body that surrounds our physical body. The energy body vibrates, nourishes and protects the physical body against external aggressions. If your energy body is unbalanced then your physical body won't function well.

As a magnetizer, I act on your energy body. I find unbalanced parts of your body, locks. Thanks to my magnetism, I put your body back in order to make energy circulate normally. I unlock every Chakra. I recharge your energy to make you feel better.

Restored and recharged with energy, your immune defences are stonger and the cure power of your body is improved.

What I bring allows your body to be healthy and to cure faster. In addition, your system has a better reaction to the medical treatment prescribed by your doctor.

My magnetism is beneficial to you in the event of tiredness, burn, skin problem and chronic pain.

A session of magnetism doesn't substitute for a medical treatment. Magnetism complements it.

As for me, the distance from you doesn't matter. To be near to you or from several thousands kilometers (miles) has the same impact on you and the good that gives you.

During a full session, I unlock all parts of your body and I take care of your Chakras. This session lasts about one hour or more depending on your health. The benefits of the session will be felt during the next days. After a session, you may be stiff if you have problem of joint, muscle, tendon or ligament. This feeling of stiffness will disappear after a few days. The more days have passed, the better you feel.

I can cut the fire on a person. At distance, I am able to block the fire if you have burnt yourself or have scalded yourself.

I help people having cancer to endure sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and I make them fitter.

If you want to feel better, go to the menu Raise my vitality.

Do good to your children,<br />your family and you.
Take care of your Animal.
The place where you live has an impact on you.
Raise the vitality of a place with a stone.

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