Learn more about me and my abilities of magnetizer

My name is Oliver. I am 44 years old. I live near Bordeaux, in France. One day, I met a magnetizer who raises the vitality of places with some stones. He explained to me how he does. He told me that I have a very strong magnetism. Since this meeting, I have started studying it.

I realized that I know whether a place is good or bad to people on site as well as at a distance with the same accuracy. In order to train, I measured my family's lands and houses. I discovered that my great-great-grandfather, Barthélémy SERVAN, put stones on every bought land, wood and house, in the 19th century, to make them positive. He was a stonemason and during his work, he put stones to raise the vitality of the place.

I began to put stones at my family and friends' home.

I also know on site as well as on remote if a stone is acting on a place. During my search for Barthélémy, I heard that his daughter Marie was a healer and a clairvoyant medium.

With my pendulum, I detect blocked places in a person or an animal. Then, I make sure to restore the natural circulation of energy. I practise in the presence of the person as well as on remote with the same effectiveness.

After restoring your body of energy, you feel lighter and healthier. You feel stronger and protected from the stresses of everyday life.

I am a fire cutter. At distance, I can block the fire if you have burned yourself or scalded yourself.

Do good to your children,<br />your family and you.
Take care of your Animal.
The place where you live has an impact on you.
Raise the vitality of a place with a stone.

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