The place where you live has an impact on you

Who ever had a strange feeling when you arrived at a place or you entered a house? An uneasy feeling, a cold feeling in all your body or as you carry a weight on your shoulders.

A place can be good for us and another place has a negative effect on our life.

The earth is not an inert block. The Earth is made up of molten matter in motion. Those matters are made up of minerals, metals, gas, etc. Their movings create magnetic fields and waves. They are called telluric waves because they come from the ground. We are continuously subjected to those waves coming from the Earth.

Earth as a planet moving in the Universe is under the influence of forces from other planets and stars too. The most important and nearest star to us is the sun. The sun sends, continuously , particles as a wave. This is explained by the vibratory physics more known as quantum physics by Albert Einstein. They are called cosmic waves because they come from outer space.

The harmonious development of life on Earth needs a balance between telluric waves and cosmic waves. There is an imbalance when a place is under the excessive influence of telluric waves.

The causes of excessive telluric waves in a place are the presence of a water vein, geological fault, natural or not natural cavity such as cave or quarry.

The more this excessive telluric waves are important, the more the effects on people's health in a place are important. This can range from insomnia to serious health problems.

Our body also vibrates. Our own vibration is affected by excessive telluric waves.

I can measure whether a place is good or bad. The more a place is bad, the more its level is below 0. For example, a not very negative place only involves insomnia problems. A lower number can make people aggressive, depressive, be in bad health, single. They feel as if their activity always leads to failure. The job in mind slips through their fingers. Their relationships are chaotic and always end in break-up. They often hurt themselves : sprain, burn, haematoma, fracture. In a negative place, the marital violence may be frequent. A woman may have difficulty in having a baby. It's difficult for you to lose weight.

The more this level is positive, the more people will be healthy. They will feel more Zen and full of energy.

Like humans, animals suffer the effects of telluric and cosmic waves.

Buying or renting a house or a flat is not trivial. Then why risk living in a negative place which will cause a negative impact on your life. It's also true when you open your shop or locate your business. We often wonder why in such premises a series of activities start then close after a few months. Now, you know why.

If you want to know whether a place is good or bad, go to the menu Feel better at home.

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The place where you live has an impact on you.
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