Raise the vitality of a place with a stone

You have understood that some places may be negative and have an impact on your life.

There is a very amazing way in order to make a place positive. This is a very ancient method dating from prehistory, Neolithic era. This is the technique of standing stone which raises the vitality of a place.

Stonehenge is one of the most ancient examples because the dating is about 2 800 BC. The vitality of the place is very significant because it is + 55. These are stones, put on an exact place, which make it a great place of energy. Without stones, the vitality of the place is - 20. At first, this place was very bad and people knowing the technique of stones had made it a privileged place.

Egyptians also knew this method. The technique of the stone was applied to the Sphinx of Gizeh in 2 500 BC with a vitality of + 34 instead of - 3 without stone, to the Pyramid of Khephren with a vitality of + 37 instead of - 3 without stone and to the Pyramid of Kheops with a vitality of + 30 instead of - 4 without stone.

In France, the most famous and oldest place where this technique of standing stone was used is Carnac. These alignments were erected between 4 000 and 2 000 BC.

This technique practically disappeared in the Middle Ages because of religious authorities who hunted this kind of practices, like magnetizer, water diviner, bonesetter, healer, clairvoyant, medium...

This method really came back in 19th century. A lot of buildings and monuments whose vitality is positive thanks a stone date from this period. The most amazing in Paris is the Eiffel Tower with a vitality of + 12 instead of - 4 without stone. In New-York, the Statue of Liberty has a vitality of + 13 instead of - 3 without stone.

In the 20th century, this technique is completely turned down to meet the growing need of accomodation for population. This explains why a lot of buildings and residences were built on a negative place. The vitality of a place is not measurable yet by a measuring apparatus. For the moment, only some people and animals are able to measure the vitality of a place. This explains why few property developers and architects use the technique of the stone to raise the vitality of a place.

If you want to see some examples of places whose the vitality has been raised with a stone, go to the menu Examples of place.

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Raise the vitality of a place with a stone.

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