Take care of your Animal

An animal is a living creature like us. He is sensitive to the place where he lives.

With a session of magnetism, your pet can feel better. Its vitality is raised and its immune defences are stimulated.

Animals are sensitive and receptive to my magnetism. I find all locked parts of its body in the joint, muscle, tendon, ligament and I unlock them. I take care of digestive problems and skin problems.

Your animal is sensitive. It needs to be well in its head and Zen in order to be healthy. A session of magnetism makes it feel better and peaceful.

I have good results on horse, dog and cat.

I act in the presence of your animal as well as at distance with a photo.

If you want me to take care of your animal, go to the menu My animal.

Do good to your children,<br />your family and you.
Take care of your Animal.
The place where you live has an impact on you.
Raise the vitality of a place with a stone.

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